Multi-award winning international clown

If you’re looking for juggling, unicycling, magic, balloon sculpting, climbing inside giant balloons, puppet acting and amazing balancing feats, the Big Ben Show is the show for you! Ben is renowned for his one-man circus, with over 350 shows a year across South-east Asia and the UK.
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The show starts with juggling : The devilstick (similar to baton twirling), the cowboy lasso, cigar boxes that seem to defy gravity and juggling clubs.

Magic and audience participation : Disappearing handkerchiefs and miraculous escape from ropes ! Volunteers (especially the birthday child) are invited on stage,
and will win prizes, (chocolates, candies and medals).

Unicycling : (cycle with one wheel) – riding a unicycle 6ft high and juggling at the
same time !

Games : A variety of interactive or quieter games, depending on the children’s mood,.Loud and active games include the spinning plate relay race. There are simpler games for younger kids, and more complicated options for older children.

Prizes : Every child receives a balloon sculpture
(balloon dogs, swords, flowers, etc)
plus candies and stickers. EVERY child gets a prize.

the Giant Balloon Act : An amazing end to the entertainment
Ben inflates a giant balloon and climbs inside it !


Hi Ben, That was an awesome show. Thanks so much. The kids (and I) loved it! Hopefully ​I will get the chance to recommend you to other people in Hong Kong. Take care,
Thanks so much again for your presence and fun today! ​​You worked miracles with the kids, and it was so fun to watch them respond to you. Best wishes to you, and we will spread the word and your cards. Warm Regards,
​Susan Mistler and Otis

I wanted to thank you for the show on Saturday for Adam's Birthday. It was great. All the kids really enjoyed it. I appreciate your professionalism in scheduling the event and your promptness on the day of the event. ​​​​Your show was definitely the highlight of Adam's birthday. Thanks again, Olivia