A natural clown !
Jan starts the party with a juggling and magic show bursting with fun and laughter. 
His combination of amazing skills, goofy juggling and slapstick magic mix perfectly with his natural clown personality.
He makes sure everybody has fun.
  1. Jan
  2. Jan
  3. Jan
  4. Jan
  5. Jan
  6. Jan

Opening juggling routine performed to the mission impossible theme.
Fruit juggling, Jan passes balls and fruit out to the audience for them to throw back. Can he juggle them? Yes, he can !
Fake, fun, silly sword-swallowing act. Oh, no he hasn’t?!? Oh, yes he has !!!
Plate-spinning. Jan gives the audience an opportunity to join in the dizziness.

Amazing ping-pong mouth juggling and funny face humor.
Ping-pong balance ball… How does he do it ?
Slapstick magic... laughter and amazement.
Club balancing: lots more opportunity for the audience to join in.
The audience gets revenge: A chance for the children to aim at Jan’s head !
Scarf juggling and audience fun, street performer style.
Reach for the sky, diabolo (Chinese yo-yo). The louder you shout
the higher it goes. (Depends on venue constraints such as ceiling height).


We just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing performance today at Scarlett's 5th Birthday. You kept the children (and parents!) thoroughly entertained. Scarlett thought you were fantastic. Many Thanks, Kristan, David and Scarlett​​​

I appreciate your professionalism in scheduling the event and your promptness on the day of the event.
Your show was definitely the highlight of Adam's birthday.
Thanks again,

Just a quick line to say a big THANK YOU for your brilliant performance yesterday, all the kids and adults enjoyed it so much. Thanks also for the extra time you spent with the balloons and bubbles. We shall be recommending you to any of our friends who need a pro performer like yourself. You’re still Natalee's favourite clown.  Martin