Allow at least 30 minutes between the official beginning of the party and the entertainment starting time. 
1 to 3 years old : Children so young won’t really get much from the entertainment ! It will appeal mainly to the older guests and the parents.

3 years old : This is the age when it starts to click! Entertainers will generally perform more slowly and gently for younger children. Games will be adapted to this age group.

4 to 7 years old : The golden age of clown entertainment! Kids just love it and never get tired of seeing it again and again.

7 to 9 years :  Children this age like to be challenged, and are not afraid to challenge the entertainer! It requires great skill and a good sense of humour to win over this age group, but a successful show is very rewarding. More physical and interactive games work well.

10 years old and older : Now they start saying “no more of this “clown stuff”!”. Performances appropriate for this age group will be pretty similar to the ones for grown ups.
Try to minimize interruptions during show time

Food : Serve food before or after the show, but definitely not during the show.

Bouncy castles : They provide a big temptation for children to drift away from the show.
After they’ve had fun on the castle at the start of the party, we suggest you deflate the castle temporarily during THE show (if possible).
It will be even more exciting for the kids when you turn the castle back on again right after the show !

Cake : Make sure that the cake is ready to appear right after the entertainment so the party can flow.
To ensure this magic birthday moment goes smoothly, make sure that you have organized : candles, lighter, knife.

Behaviour : One overexcited child can dramatically reduce the fun impact of the performer – who is there to entertain all the children, not to be a behaviour policeman !

Try to arrange for one adult to be in charge of controlling the occasional overexcited kid.


Make sure that directions to reach the party venue are clear for performers and guests.
Especially for parties held in residential areas.
If possible, hold the entertainment in a roomy place. Performers will adapt to small venues,
but it will be less comfortable for everybody.
Try to book a quiet venue and keep parents who want to chat in another room, if possible. 
Outdoor bookings during summer time need careful planning.
Try to reserve a shady area for the performance, make sure that the seating area is dry
and comfortable for the children and provide lots of water


If you and your children enjoy the performance, a word of appreciation and a few good photos for our professional portfolios are a great reward.